It's with a Z

I'm Suzie, a full-stack designer with a big personality and a mind that never stops.

Communication is my jam. I aim to be clear in and out of my design work. While I'm no Tobias Frere-Jones (unfortunately), I am a type nerd. The written word is stunning to me in both its letterform and meaning. Bold colors excite me, if you couldn't tell from my website. I'm here to learn and I'm here to make great work. This thing we do is a craft and we have to work at it every. single. day. 

When I'm not on the computer, I'm making something with my hands. Sewing, screenprinting, and cooking are all part of my creative process—and music is the driving force for all of it. Sidney Deane will tell you there's a difference between hearing and listening to music. I believe that. Sidney Deane will also tell you white men can't jump. I don't believe that. Look at Manu Ginobli. 

Want to talk about design, development, or basketball? Shoot me an email.

Check out my work

Indiana State Parks App | Interactive Design Mahogany Mary | Branding Ava's Heart | Branding The Green Table | Campaign Nicolette Inez | Branding Hathor | Branding Where Y'at | Campaign Explosives | Campaign Illiana Brew Bus | Branding